Electric Fishing Device EFGI 4000

Up to now, no battery-powered devices offering the same performance as EFGI 4000 are found in the market. The EFGI 4000 device was developed as an alternative for the usual boat fishing devices using combustion engines. EFGI 4000 may even be used in brackish water having an approximate conductivity of up to 5 mS/cm (DC) or 10 mS/cm (pulsation).

Technical specification:

- Control unit
72 V/ max 60 A (DC)
65...520 V, 6 rough steps, infinitely variable
fine tuning
4 kW DC /8 kW pulsation,
approx. 15 kg
(LxWxH) 400x360x150
- Battery case
3 closed fiberglass cases, individually transportable
2,5 kg per case (empty),
approx. 35 kg with batteries
(LxWxH) 550x200x210
- Battery Please request a price sheet for available lithium or lead batteries.
- Power charger 24 V / 12 A with electronic control
- Charging adapter for simultaneously charging all 3 battery packs
- T√úV certificate  

Please reguest for a price list. / Currently out of stock.