Electric Fishing Device EFGI 1300

A compact device for boat fishing, also comprising a floating trail for wade fishing. Mx. conductivity up to approx. 2mS/cm (DC) or 4 mS/cm (pulsation).

Technical specification:

- Control unit
24 V/ max 60 A (DC)
80...470 V, 5 rough steps, infinitely variable
fine tuning
1,3 kW DC /2,6 kW pulsation,
approx. 8 kg
(LxWxH) 200x360x150
- Battery case
closed fiberglass case
approx 2,5 kg (empty),

(LxWxH) 550x200x210 mm
- Battery Please request a price sheet for available lithium or lead batteries.
- Power charger 24 V / 5 A with electronic control, incl plug connectors matching the battery case
- T√úV certificate  

Please reguest for a price list. / Currently out of stock.